How it works


Select your lawn size to view pricing and book your regular weekly/fortnightly grass cutting.


Our trained grass-cutting team will turn up as scheduled and tidy after themselves, leaving you with great-looking grass.


Our easy payment system means there’s nothing more for you to do! And our monthly rolling terms mean you’re not tied into a long contract.

First free cut offer

As a thank you for joining us, we’d like to give you your first cut for free! Therefore, your first monthly payment will only be collected after your first free cut (in advance of your next month of ongoing weekly/fortnightly cuts). You can request to cancel anytime before the first payment – but we’re so confident that you’ll love our service that you won’t want to.

Lawn size estimate

The grass cutting price selector on our website is really easy to use. Simply add together your total lawn areas (eg. front and back lawns combined) and select which size option seems the closest. But don’t worry if you get the estimate wrong during booking. Our team will measure your lawns during the first cut and we’ll be in touch if the pricing package needs to be adjusted.

What to expect for the first cut

Our team will assess the length of the grass when they visit. If the grass has literally been growing under your feet, it may take us a couple of cuts to get it to the optimal length, so don’t be surprised if we leave it a bit longer on our first visit. With ongoing, regular cuts we’ll have it looking great in no time. If there are any issues, we’ll be in touch by email.

What our service includes

Our team carry mowers, strimmers and leaf-blowers on board. They will assess your property (including access) and will use the most suitable equipment to achieve the best result. Our service only includes regular grass cutting (and not other gardening services). We apply all our expertise to creating efficient systems and techniques so we can give you a great grass cut at a competitive price.

Monthly payments

When you book our grass cutting service, you simply enter your card details and payment will be automatically collected on the same date each month following your first free cut (for the next month of weekly/fortnightly cuts). We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with our services, so we don’t ask you to sign a long contract. Our service runs on a simple rolling monthly basis.

Grass cutting schedule

The team will visit on a regular day of the week so you know when we’re coming and we’ll be in touch by email if your schedule ever changes. Our mowing season runs from the beginning of March until the end of November and we automatically pause customer payments during December, January and February.

Get your first cut for free - by this time next week!

More information is available in our our Frequency Asked Questions