Why we recommend weekly lawn mowing

We want to make sure you get the most out of our service, which is why we recommend our weekly grass cutting package to get the best results for your lawn. There are a variety of reasons we do this.

Grass length

The length we leave your lawn depends on the time of year, but generally we try not to cut it too short. We use mulching mowers, as they are environmentally friendly, naturally fertilising your lawn by putting the grass clippings back into it; however cutting the grass too short with a mulching mower can damage the grass and start tearing it out.  Using a mulching mower but leaving the grass slightly longer is therefore the best compromise for both the look of your garden and the environment.

Unpredictable weather

Britain has very sudden mood changes when it comes to our weather – we all remember the occasions when it has snowed in the middle of the summer.  Snow is the only thing that stops us cutting your grass, but if you leave it a long time between cuts and we can’t cut it because the heavens have been unpredictable, it will be really, really long by the time we do get to it. Keeping on top of it on a regular basis means your lawn will always look good, even if the unexpected happens.

Looking good all year round

We want your lawn to look at it’s best all the time. Keeping on top of it little and often is the ideal way to provide the perfect cut. That means whenever you get time to enjoy your garden, your grass is just the way you want it.

And the really good news?  If you opt for our weekly grass cutting package, not only will you have a neat and tidy lawn at all times, you’ll also have the best possible deal.  

MegaMow – a modern grass-cutting service for modern, busy people.

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The MegaMow grass cutting service is currently available in Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate and Horsham