What size is my lawn?

When you book a MegaMow grass cutting service, we ask you what size your lawn is. But what if you don’t know? Here’s our simple guide to help you figure out how much grass you have.

Tennis courts as a grass-cutting template

When we ask you about the size of your garden, we use an average tennis court to help you understand the measurements; it’s something most people are familiar with and can visualise.

But, in case our diagram doesn’t help, let us try and explain. At MegaMow, we include the space of the whole tennis court inside the white lines, plus the area from the edge of the white lines to the fence surrounding the court.

So what size is your lawn?

Small lawns

We classify ‘small lawns’ as those with an area of grass up to 150m2. But what does that mean? In the context of a tennis court, that equates to roughly the size of a quarter of the court including the space up to the boundary fence.

What else is 150m2? Here are some slightly less helpful suggestions:

  • Ten parking spaces
  • Two-fifths of an iMAX screen
  • One-tenth of an ice-hockey rink

Medium lawns

a MegaMow ‘medium lawn’ is between 150m2 and 300m2. In tennis-court terms, that’s about half a court; draw a line through the net from boundary fence to boundary fence.

Need more examples?

  • 200 bath towels
  • Fifty king-sized beds
  • One-twentieth of Bill Gates’ home

Large lawns

MegaMow ‘Large lawns’ are those bigger than half a tennis court and are venturing into whole tennis-court sized lawns. These range from 300m2 to 600m2. A whole tennis court including the boundary fence is around 550m2.

What else is 300m2?

  • Three-hundred bath towels
  • A two-hundredth of Windsor Castle
  • 7,500 Apple iPads

What else is 600m2?

  • 100,000 post-it notes
  • 6,000 airplane tray tables
  • One-twelfth of a football pitch

If you’re still struggling to figure out the size of your garden, you can always make a rough guess and the MegaMow team will confirm it when they come to visit. Afterall, we’re here to help you reclaim your weekends so you don’t have to worry about that one extra job!

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