15 things to do in the time we save you

Our professional, regular grass-cutting service doesn’t just leave our customers with tidy, green, uniform lawns – it also ticks one extra chore off your list to save you time which can be better spent elsewhere. Here’s what you could do in the time you save with regular grass cuts from MegaMow.

You’re probably busy – free time is important to you and you have better things to do than cut the grass. Our reliable lawn-mowing service can help you reclaim your weekend. But how much time could you save?

Why you need to get grass cutting off your to-do list

When you mow your own lawn, it’s a real annoyance. You might have an electric lawn mower which means you have to get out the extra long extension lead, pass it through the kitchen window and plug it into the mains, then mow the lawn while pulling the cord out of your path. Alternatively, you might own a petrol mower; a thirsty machine which regularly needs topping up with fuel. You probably have to reverse the car out of the garage to get it out, and that’s without even mentioning the clippings! Those dreaded grass clippings get everywhere – all over the drive, all over your socks and all through the house! You have to throw them in the compost bin, or the garden waste bin (which always seems to be full) and you’ll most likely have to make more than one trip.

Saving you time and removing the hassle

It’s no secret that you probably don’t want to cut the grass; after all, the weekends are for relaxing, so why not book a cut through MegaMow? Our simple booking system makes it easy and hassle free so you don’t have to move a muscle!

The time it takes to cut your lawn depends upon the size, complexity and layout of your garden; most of the gardens we encounter are around 300m2 in size, which would take the average person 60 minutes to tackle. That includes time setting up, dealing with the clippings and moving the car to get the lawn mower out of the garage. That means, for our customers who have weekly cuts, we could save you around 40 hours each year –  more than a whole working week!  That’s a lot of time!

15 things you can do in the time we save you

Here are some ideas for some great things you could do in your new-found free time each week!

  1. Take a well-deserved nap
  2. Enjoy a hot bubble bath
  3. Take your kids, nephew or niece out to the park
  4. Go out for a quiet lunch
  5. Call a friend to catch up
  6. Start getting fit with a weekly weekend run
  7. Enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer
  8. Visit an art gallery or museum
  9. Lose yourself in a novel
  10. Treat yourself to a massage
  11. Take your mum out for afternoon tea
  12. Walk the dog – or borrow the neighbour’s – and get some fresh air
  13. Create a bucket list
  14. Play a board game with the family
  15. Do the other jobs on your to-do list!

Want to save time this weekend? Book a MegaMow grass cut. The time and effort you save could be just what you need to enjoy your weekend.

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