The terrible start to spring isn’t stopping us

You’ll have undoubtedly noticed it hasn’t been such a nice start to spring. Instead of glorious rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds, curing us of our winter blues and turning our thoughts to summer BBQs and lazy days in the garden, the beginning of March was heralded by snow and we’re still being rained upon day after day. But fear not, we’re not letting that get us down – we’re still here to help you get your lawn ready for summer.

What the wet weather means for your grass

Thought it may seem like it’s better to just leave your lawn as you don’t want to damage it, leaving it too long will result in it being much harder to manage when the sunshine does eventually come back. That’s why it’s important to keep it at a good height, even when we’ve had the Beast from the East and relentless rain.  Regular cuts now will get your lawn into shape so you can enjoy your garden when the good weather returns.

Rain doesn’t stop us mowing

You may have heard that you shouldn’t mow your lawn when it’s wet; that may be true for some mowers, but we use mulching mowers which are suited to nearly all weather conditions. The wide base means they can get a grip on wet terrain, the petrol motors give us more power to get up wet slopes than electric mowers, and there’s no risk from trailing electric cables in the rain.  We’ll mow through wet and frost – only snow stops us from mowing.

Water-logged ground

Mulching mowers have many advantages; one of them is that they don’t give stripes, which means if a patch your grass is particularly sodden, we can strim it so that it doesn’t get too long, but the finish will be the same as where we have mown.

Long-term benefits

Our mulching mowers have longer-term benefits for the health of your grass, especially in foul weather such as we’ve had to endure recently.  Although we set the blades slightly higher than with some conventional mowers, the actual cut is shorter, as the effect of stripes on a lawn is achieved by rolling longer grass flat.  Longer grass encourages the build-up of thatch (the white, dry grass at the base), which in turn encourages moss, which acts like a sponge in wet weather.  So our mulching mowers make your grass better able to cope with very wet spells, such as this glorious British spring!

So, don’t go worrying the rain will cause us to cancel your grass cut. We’ll be there through most weather conditions (including frost) to make sure your lawn is being cared for.

MegaMow – a modern grass-cutting service for modern, busy people.

The MegaMow grass cutting service is currently available in Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate and Horsham