How MegaMow grass cuts in April can pave the way to a beautiful summer lawn

We’re now well into the swing of spring and the weather is only going to get warmer (we hope!). So, before your grass starts to grow furiously, now is a great time to let us get on top of your lawn to make sure that when it grows, it’s verdant and lush.

A healthy, smart lawn

If you’re after a smart looking lawn, it’s important to get your grass cut to an even height all over. But don’t wait too long between cuts! You shouldn’t be removing more than a third off the length each time you cut your grass, any more than that and you might start to harm the plant, causing damage that requires more energy to heal. That’s why it’s important to get your first cuts in early before the jungle-like growth you’ll experience towards the back end of spring. Not only will it mean your grass doesn’t get a big shock from whacking off a huge portion from the stems, but also, if you get your grass cut by MegaMow, our mulching-mowers will help future growth by adding nutrients back to the soil.

The importance of regular grass cuts

We know that you’ll want your grass at its healthiest and smartest when summer comes around and you have guests in your garden enjoying weekend barbecues. To do that, we recommend you book us to get started on cutting your grass as soon as possible. Little and often is the secret to great looking grass – that’s why we recommend weekly cuts, although we do provide fortnightly cuts if you prefer.

After a long day – or week – at work, you deserve to chill out with friends and family. At MegaMow, we’re dedicated to giving busy people, like you, one less job to worry about by ticking grass-cutting off that long list so you can reclaim your weekends. And if you want your lawn to be looking smart and green when summer comes around, now is the best time to book us in!

MegaMow – a modern grass-cutting service for modern, busy people.

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