Our entrepreneurial approach to grass-cutting

MegaMow are all about finding smart, convenient solutions to your grass-cutting needs. We aim to be ahead of the game with our entrepreneurial spark and innovative approach. It’s a defining feature of our service, enabling us to give you the most convenient grass-cutting service possible.

Innovation through an entrepreneurial approach

The MegaMow brand is all about providing our customers unrivalled convenience for a quality grass-cutting service.  It comes from three areas of expertise:

  • Sector expertise:Our cofounders have both worked in grass-cutting for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to mowing lawns. This has enabled us to refine our offering, knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  • Entrepreneurial determination:Sector expertise on its own is fine, but it just means you copy what everyone else is doing.  Our ability to identify opportunities to improve the service for the client, to create new, better ways of delivering that service and the resolve to create a sustainable business from that are what set us apart from other companies in the sector.
  • Business development: Our co-founders’ expertise in taking businesses to the next level gives us the experience and insights we need to grow our grass-cutting service so we can help even more people get more out of their free time.

Business success in our DNA

Our co-founder Rob started out managing part of a grass-cutting company at the age of 21 and from then on has gone from strength to strength: “I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, I kind of just followed my nose. But in hindsight, I was very entrepreneurial.  I worked for a grass-cutting franchise company in East-Sussex which was the flagship of the operation. We had about 12 guys working on the main operation and about 10 franchisees when I joined; by the time I left, that was pushing 40 and we got bought out by a domestic cleaning company on the London Stock Exchange who were looking to bring different home services under their umbrella.  So growing businesses and franchises is in my DNA.”

This grass-cutting franchise was also where Rob met our other cofounder, Quintin, who worked his way up the ranks to become a manager – but more on this in the future!

It’s no surprise that our brilliant brand has come about because of the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. We can’t wait to continue growing and bringing new ways to provide a more convenient grass-cutting solution to our busy customers.

MegaMow – a modern grass-cutting service for modern, busy people.

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The MegaMow grass cutting service is currently available in Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, East Grinstead, Reigate, Horsham, Uckfield, Crowborough, Redhill, Ashtead and Epsom