We’re kicking off 2020 with some big company news… we have a new director! We’re proud to have Shaun McElvaine as part of the MegaMow team.

Having made quite a career change from web design to directing our grass-cutting company, we thought we’d take the time to learn more about Shaun as he joins our lawncare business.

Tell us a bit about your background…

I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to the UK after finishing school. I’ve worked in a variety of jobs since then, from gold plating bathroom taps to managing the scheduling operations of a cargo airline. I met my wife in East Grinstead 10 years ago and we’ve recently moved to Seaford with our two Corgis (Alfie and Lola). In my spare time I enjoy working on cars and am in the process of restoring an 80s BMW coupe.

What in your career path led to you MegaMow?

My background is in I.T. and for the last 10 years I’ve run an award-winning web design business. This included working with hundreds of clients in a variety of industries. A year ago I met the other MegaMow directors Rob and Quintin in a cafe and we chatted about how to bring the grass cutting industry into the online world. Through the process of building the MegaMow website, I became more and more interested in the business as a whole. I could see the potential to combine an old-school industry with modern technology. The new e-commerce website we launched in 2019 has helped MegaMow to grow rapidly and as a result, we started discussing the ways in which I could get more involved in the business itself.

What skills will you bring to MegaMow and how in particular are they relevant to the business?

As well as the customer-facing website, I’ve been working on the customer management system. This allows us to efficiently schedule hundreds of lawn cuts per week. Our operators now have a custom-built app, using Google maps to route them to the nearest customer. It gives them all of the information they need to do a great quality job. Information is fed back to the office and we can track the routing efficiency, ensuring a reliable service to all our customers.

What will your new role involve?

My official role is I.T. director but this really covers all of our business systems, marketing and customer services.

Even though I spend most of my time looking at a computer screen, I love being outdoors and have enjoyed getting my hands dirty and mowing lawns myself a couple of days a week as we continue to grow.

In what ways do you complement the skill sets of Rob and Quintin?

The other directors have a huge amount of experience in the grass cutting industry and have seen how other companies do things well (and sometimes not so well). By combining their experience with my background in technology, we have created a lawncare business that is in a position to grow rapidly over the coming years, while maintaining its high reputation of serving its customers efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

What are you looking forward to most about your new role?

I’m really looking forward to working with Rob and Quintin as we get on well and have very complementary skills. Having run businesses on my own in the past, it’s great to be part of a strong team who all have clear goals and a combined passion. A few years ago I never would have thought that I’d be out mowing lawns but I’m excited about the business as a whole and look forward to seeing what it will become.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the MegaMow team too, see opportunities with us from this Spring.

It’s been a successful 2020 already with our new recruit, and it’s only the start. We’re looking forward to more opportunities and fantastic management with Shaun on the team.