How we help your lawn to withstand droughts

We’ve already had quite a few hot days recently and as much as it’s lovely to have the sun back with us, it also means your lawn might be at risk. Our grass-cutting experts have pulled together some tips to help you look after your grass in the heatwave.

The length of your grass

Cutting a lawn too short has a number of downsides, including that it doesn’t hold as much water when it’s that length. It’s important to leave a bit more length to help prevent loss of moisture through hot days – our mulching mowers are ideal for this, as they work on a slightly longer cut.

Fertilise your grass

When there’s not much rain – and the threat of a hosepipe and sprinkler ban – your grass will appreciate a bit of extra TLC in the form of fertiliser, such as a liquid feed. Switching to our mulch mowers will help reduce the need for constant application; they finely shred the grass and then return the clippings to the surface of the lawn, giving natural nutrients.  Even better, this traps moisture which means less risk of drought affecting your lawn.  However, when there is little rainfall, the grass doesn’t grow as quickly, so we take off less, so there are fewer clippings to help feed the grass.

Store water

If there isn’t enough topsoil, it’s advisable to water your grass regularly.  Storing water in tanks, such as rain butts, will help – especially if there’s a threat of a hosepipe ban.

We have 15 years of experience in lawn mowing and we’ve served many customers over our time cutting grass. We don’t dabble in other gardening services as we want to make sure our full attention is on keeping your grass trim. Because of that, we know exactly what your lawn needs and will know the best way to combat potential drought.

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