How we cope with wet lawns

As memories of the long hot summer recede, we’ve been tackling a few more wet lawns recently.  This might be a problem for some lawn mowers and grass cutting companies, but not for us. We wanted to assure you that a bit of rain won’t stop us when we’re set to mow your lawn.

Our mowers

A popular choice for mowing lawns is electric mowers; generally less expensive than petrol, this makes them more appealing to some. However, the problem with electric is that they aren’t always able to handle wet lawns.  That’s one of the reasons we opt for mulching mowers.  More robust than electric mowers, they also have a wide body, giving them better weight distribution, which makes them more suited to slippery conditions. They also have front-wheel drive which stops them from slipping around when it’s wet.

Other techniques

If your grass is too wet even for our mulching mowers, we’ll choose our strimmers, which we also bring to every job and which can cope with the wettest conditions. We’ll always test the grass first and will plan out the sections of lawn where we’ll be using our mowers and when it might be time to use our strimmers.

The benefit of weekly cuts

If it’s really necessary, we’ll choose to put the blades higher on our mowers. This of course will mean that the grass will be ever so slightly longer when it’s been raining. However, that isn’t a problem as we recommend weekly cuts, which means we’re always on top of your lawn, keeping it looking its best at all times.

That’s why if it starts to rain on the day we’re due to cut your grass, you don’t have to worry as we’re always prepared.

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