How the heatwave hurts your lawn – and what we can do to heal it

We’ve seen July bring about some of the hottest temperatures on record; and August doesn’t seem to be easing up much, either.

After the month that saw Belgium’s first “code red” activated, temperatures of 42oc in Paris and even lakes and rivers drying up in North Germany , you may not be feeling too optimistic about your lawn’s chances. Don’t worry, though – we won’t let the heat stand in the way of our first-class service – and a little MegaMow TLC could even benefit your lawn throughout the summer.

What is the hot weather actually doing to your lawn?

Obviously, your lawn needs water to survive. During the summer, in hotter, more humid conditions you may think unsightly discolouration and the itchy texture of a dry lawn are simply unavoidable consequences of the heat – and, to an extent, you’d be right. Discolouration, dehydration, and ‘ghost prints’ (ever walked across dry grass and left a trail of footprints behind you?) are all common signs that your lawn is suffering from heat-stress, to which northern strains of grass, such as the ones we see in the UK, are more prone. Obvious consequences of this are the dry, bare patches we’ve all come to know and loathe, in addition to lawn-death. Less easy to spot, though, is the reality that heat stress makes your lawn more vulnerable to disease, weed and insect infestations – sure to ruin any barbecue.

How can we help your lawn?

From a purely aesthetic perspective, it’s going to be a lot easier to enjoy your Pimm’s in the garden, outdoor games with the family, or your sunbathing session if your lawn isn’t overgrown. However, the benefits of our services go much deeper than that. We always promise to cut to a length that is most beneficial for your grass. During dryer periods, it’s often better to leave grass longer as it acts as protection for the soil underneath (much as your hair protects your scalp).

In addition, we make sure our blades are super-sharp, which means they cut more cleanly and won’t tear the plant tissue. What’s more these cuts will ‘heal’ much more quickly, so you won’t be left with unappealing brown, frayed ends. Finally, we use mulching mowers, which can benefit your lawn by slowing the rate of evaporation from the soil to keep your lawn cool and moist. Mulched clippings also act as a very effective and slow-releasing fertiliser, so will improve the overall health of your lawn without changing either its look or purpose. Another benefit is that it’s self-composting, so neither we nor you will need to find a bin for left-over clippings.

One great way to help your lawn

Don’t over-water! Just don’t. It may seem tempting, but lawns only need an inch of water per week, meaning anything extra will just sit around on the surface of the soil. This could mean that your lawn itself gets less oxygen, which, in time may kill it. And remember those diseases we talked about earlier? They are going to thrive in that warm, damp soil, which can only mean trouble. So please, once more with feeling: don’t over-water. In fact, why don’t you stop worrying about your lawn altogether? That’s our job, so get in touch to find out how we can ensure you’ve got one less thing to worry about!

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