Going green and saving money with our mowing service

Having a well-cut lawn makes your property look smart, but what do you do with all the grass clippings? Small gardens have little space for compost bins and now many councils are charging £45-£65 a year for kerb-side brown bin collections. At iMowgi, we remove all the hassle of lawn care, including the clippings, with our marvellous mulching mowers!

No Mess

Our specialist mowers are designed to deliver the right cut for your lawn, whatever the weather, without leaving mounds of clippings to dispose of. Our mulching mowers chop the grass clippings into tiny particles that are pushed right down into the base of the turf, unseen, where they rapidly decompose.


No stress

Don’t worry – the clippings won’t damage your lawn as they rot away, quite the reverse. Instead, they will fertilise the grass with nitrogen and other precious nutrients, keeping your lawn looking at its best.  All of this is included in your cut so, all you have to do, is sign up to our regular service and we do the rest. You don’t even have to be in, just leave your gates unlocked on the day we are due and come home to a gorgeous, well-kept lawn.


Keep it green

Fertilising the lawn ensures that it stays green, lush and looking at its best. This method is totally organic and can encourage worms into your soil, adding to your overall lawn health. Your neighbours will be green with envy!


Keep it tidy

Best of all there are no ugly clippings heaps or big brown wheelie bin taking up precious space in your garden, so you can use every corner of your garden for the things you want, from flowers to BBQs!  And this is all included in the cost of our regular cuts, so why not save the spending on kerbside collections and invest in our hassle-free mowing instead?


 MegaMow – a modern grass cutting service for busy people.