Get your lawn winter-ready

As grass growth slows in autumn it’s important to care for your lawn properly. It’s best to do this now before the harsh winter weather sets in, so your grass can flourish again in spring. Our mowing teams make sure your last cut of the year is enough to see it through until March, when we rev up our mowers again!


Not too short

It’s important not to crop your grass severely in November. We adjust our mower height at this time of year, to make the last cut of the year a little longer than usual. This is necessary to promote root growth, to ensure the grass blades store vital sugars and nutrients through the cold temperatures. What’s more, by keeping a little extra length, the blades of grass will overshadow the weeds, hampering their growth.


Never stripes

We never mow in stripes as it causes thatch, a layer of organic matter that accumulates on a lawn around the base of the grass plants. This might sound like a good thing, but in fact it is important to keep thatch at bay, especially in autumn when the grass is more vulnerable to disease and fungus spores that can spread through dampness. Thatch also prevents light, water and nutrients filtering through to the roots. Worse still, large, soggy clumps can suffocate grass.



Our mulching mowers recycle the nutrients from the clippings and redistribute them in tiny particles that fertilise the lawn. Mulching is vital in autumn to replenish nitrogen and potassium stores and encourage root growth, ready for vigorous new grass growth in spring.


No rakes needed

Our mowing team takes care of all your lawn care, so you don’t have to think about it. We even mow through fallen leaves, adding them to the organic lawn mulch with our mowers, so there’s no need to rake your lawn before our visit. Just book us in and relax until winter is over and we return in the spring!



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