Why regular, weekly grass cutting costs less than fortnightly cuts

If you’ve booked regular grass-cutting from MegaMow, you know your lawn is going to look smart and sharp. We like to come and visit every week to make sure that your lawn is kept in tip-top condition. So why do we recommend weekly grass-cutting?

Why we recommend weekly grass cuts

The MegaMow team recommends weekly grass cuts because we want your lawn to look its best. Here are some of the reasons it’s better to have your grass cut every week:

  • It looks amazing – weekly grass cuts will keep your lawn looking smart and sharp, so when it comes to the weekend barbecue, throwing that frisbee, playing football or just relaxing in the garden, you can enjoy it to the fullest. It never gets to the stage of looking shaggy or about to run wild.
  • It keeps the grass healthy – our mulching lawn mowers cut grass clippings into tiny pieces which are then returned to the soil. This means that you don’t have to deal with messy grass clippings blowing about, and it adds the nutrients from the clippings back to the soil in a fine mulch. This mulch encourages healthy growth of your grass, keeping it verdant and green throughout the grass-cutting season.
  • It prevents your grass from going into shock – Yes! It’s true! Taking too much off your grass at once can make it go into shock, causing damage. Taking off a little often is the best way to encourage a healthy lawn.
  • It’s more efficient for your wallet – if you opt for fortnightly cuts instead of weekly cuts, we charge a little bit more per visit. That’s because the grass grows longer and it takes us a bit more time to get it all looking sharp for you.

There you have it, weekly cuts are the way forward, not just for the health of your grass and the aesthetics of your outdoor space – but also in the interest of your wallet – the best way to enjoy your lawn!

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